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Welcome! GamerGrounds is a community and platform for gaming, technology and online culture.

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Server Settings


Server Rules

  • 10x harvest
  • 20x experience
  • 30x tame
  • 200 max level
  • 260 max tamed dino (120 max wild)
  • 50% reduced damage to structures
  • gamma enabled
  • vac anti-cheat + official server banlist
  • No Building at Spawn Points, Land Caves, Obelisks, top of the Volcano (42,38) or Carno/Dead Island (15,82)
  • Quetzal Platforms: No Auto-Turrets & Rider must be fully exposed from the front, sides and above
  • 30 minute max imprisonment (1 hour during raids)
  • 20 Players max per tribe

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Stat Modifiers

  • 200% Weight per Stat Point
  • 200% Tamed Dino Weight per Stat Point
  • 50% Health/Melee Damage/Movement Speed/Torpor per Stat point (pvp balance)

Other Modifiers


200% Incubation

500% Maturation

150% Mating Interval

GamerGrounds Server Information Thread
Teamspeak 3 Server IP: ts.ark-pvp.com

Admins do not play on GamerGrounds Servers. Our team currently consists of an admin, mod developer and 3 community moderators that are available to help with any issues on our forums and teamspeak server.


GamerGrounds.com is a new Gaming Server and Community aiming to provide a fair, stable and balanced environment for ARK PvP. The server is running on custom configured hardware for ARK performance with increased stack sizes and glass metal mods. Our stat modifiers max level players are slightly more powerful than in vanilla/SOTF, come join us!
For recent updates and news visit our new forums

Where to Find Us

System Specs

Dedicated Server Specs
Intel Xeon® E5-2673 v3 (Haswell) @ 3.5ghz
2 x 240GB SSD's
32 GB of RAM
DDoS: Protected

Recent News

We're proud to announce the talented developer ChiBlaaa, developer of Item Tweaks (Stacks Mod) and other mods is now an official ARK-PvP.com partner!
Item Tweaks: ARK-PvP.com Stable Version


Watch live video from arkpvplive on www.twitch.tv



About Us

GamerGrounds is a new Gaming Community and ARK PvP server.

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